Pay Invoices With Cryptocurrency and Secure Your Account

We are now accepting payments using Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through BitPay in addition to PayPal. Invoices paid using cryptocurrencies require at least six confirmations on their respective networks prior to being marked as paid. Additionally, all clients are now required to enable two-factor authentication using time-based tokens ...

Standalone SSL/TLS Certificate Discontinuation

XenoNode has discontinued all standalone sales of SSL certificates. Dedicated server customers may still request a one-year Sectigo SSL domain validation certificate on a limited basis at a reduced rate by creating a ticket.

Web Hosting Division Dissolution and Product Changes

Effective the 31st of December 2019, XenoNode will be dissolving the web hosting division and moving strictly to dedicated servers in light of consumer demand. Affected customers will be emailed backups of their deployments three (3) days prior to the event and may request refunds or account credit if time remaining on a service surpasses the 30th ...

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